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K5RC tom at k5rc.cc
Sun Nov 23 12:48:45 EST 2008

I went to single-band amps earlier this year and mounted them in a closet
next to the shack with the front panels mounted in the wall. I put a
bathroom exhaust fan in the room venting up into the ceiling. The fan is
noisy, but, compared to the noise of 6 amps, it is not a problem. I had to
put a small window air conditioner in the window in the closet for contests
during the summer. Otherwise, leaving the door open works for keeping the
room at an acceptable temp. Since my shack is built inside the garage, the
open closet door gets cool mountain air most of the time and cold air in the
winter. Elegant but simple solution for me, mostly to get rid of the noise
and heat inside the shack and hiding hundreds of feet of cabling.

Tom Taormina, K5RC
Virginia City NV
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Normally in m/m contests we end up with windows open and a big box fan
running to keep the temperature down in the shack.  I am looking for
something maybe a bit more elegant.  Has anyone used those small high
velocity ducts to either blow in air or as exhaust ducts?  I am thinking
that one in each corner sucking out the hot air may be best, then I could
blow it down into the crawl space or upstairs to reducing heating need
during cold weather contests.  This would have to go above a drop ceiling
and preferably not be very noisy.

David Robbins K1TTT
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