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PY2NY, Vitor py2ny.vitor at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 20:52:02 EDT 2008

Well, I will try to do that from Oms station at
Araraquara (SP - Brasil) and looking to do
more than 3.500 QSOs on high power
situation. I really hope to do more on 10m
now, because something is happening there,
at least for us in southeast part of our
Also, I will try to improve my SO2R capabilities
from that big station.
No stop for 48 hours will be almost impossible
for me, but anyway, will try to keep up for
44/45 hours...
Hope to listen all of you there !!

Vitor, PY2NY

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> Okay, I'll warm up the CQWW SSB pot with a few comments...
> I plan to be operating SOAB HP, from my southwest New Mexico QTH. My goals 
> are
> similar to previous years - have the highest SOAB score west of the 
> Mississippi
> river, and break into the USA SOAB HP top-ten. Both are formidable 
> challenges,
> which I did not achieve last year.
> Thank goodness propagation is changing quickly as we head towards northern
> hemisphere winter. 15 meters has gone from dead just 2 weeks ago, to daily
> openings to southwestern EU, Africa, and Oceania. Unfortunately, there has 
> yet
> to be any opening to JA or the Far East from here. I sure hope this 
> changes for
> Good news for the future - There have been 3 new-cycle sunspot groups in 
> the
> past 2 weeks. None of them has been big enough to raise the solar flux 
> above 71
> or effect propagation, but at least there is a sign of life after the long 
> solar
> minimum. And more good news - 28 days before CQWW SSB, the geomagnetic 
> field was
> quiet, so we should not have disturbed conditions for CQWW SSB.
> And yet more good news for western USA and JA contesters...Since last 
> CQWW, the
> 75 meter JA phone band has expanded !  No more squeezing into the 
> 3792-3803
> window. The new JA phone band segments are: 3525-3575, 3599-3612, 
> 3680-3687,
> 3702-3716, 3745-3770, 3791-3805. This will also be the first CQWW SSB with 
> the
> expanded USA phone bands (7125-7300, 3600-4000). Now, if only my 75 meter
> antennas had expanded bandwidth !
> Looking forward to a fun weekend. I'll be happy to answer any newbie (or 
> old
> timer) questions. Leave me a hole on 20 meters !
> 73,
> Steve, N2IC
> K1AR at aol.com wrote:
>> All,
>> Most of us are about to participate in the world's biggest contest in a
>> little over a week (CQ WW SSB) and no one is even talking about it on 
>> this
>> channel. How about some posts that discuss propagation, operating plans, 
>> strategy,
>> questions, last-minute challenges, skimmer rules (ummm, cancel that 
>> one),
>> etc.?
>> We have a great resource at our disposal with lots of experienced folks
>> hiding the weeds. Let's use it to our advantage!
>> 73 John, K1AR
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