[CQ-Contest] Stirring the Pot

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Hi John

Well, how about if someone out there can tell us poor folks at EA5ELT how you guys ever find the time to do anything at your stations. We are 5 ops, we all work, we all have families, and it's a miracle we ever get anything done! However, all things being equal, we will put EA5KV on the air as MS and we hope to knock the socks off our competitors down the road in spite of our several setbacks with the antennas.

Looks like this year M/S will be hotly contested here in Spain, fellow club member EA5JK is planning to operate as AM5T (right Richie?), I hear that EA5FKX Andreu will be putting his super station at EA5EA through the paces, and rumour also has it that up in Cataluña AM3SSB, with EA3QP at the helm, will be "out to rout". Further afield, our friends at EE2K are entering MS for the first time too, I also hear news in 2 land from EE2W, AO2W, EB1WW in Valladolid, AM1A up on the asturian coast....

No news from EA4 but I suppose eternal rivals Julio EA4KR and Pedro EA4KD will be slugging it out in SOAB.

So EA should be an easy mult for everyone, as usual, even EA9 should be OK with the entry of EE9E from Ceuta.

Any more news from anyone?

73 de Duncan EA5ON


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Most of us are about to participate in the world's biggest contest in a  
little over a week (CQ WW SSB) and no one is even talking about it on this  
channel. How about some posts that discuss propagation, operating plans,  strategy, 
questions, last-minute challenges, skimmer rules (ummm, cancel that  one), 
We have a great resource at our disposal with lots of experienced folks  
hiding the weeds. Let's use it to our advantage!
73 John, K1AR
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