[CQ-Contest] European sigs to W9

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Sun Oct 26 20:48:27 EDT 2008

This contest was one blast here in Saskatchewan on 160m.  Never in my
life have I seen 160m emulate 20m especially the first day ... DX
everywhere and I wasn't competing in this contest.


"Those Island days are always on my mind,
Someday I'm going to leave it all behind."

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Well, Barry, you beat me because I didn't even S&P.  This is one CQWW in
which I did not participate.  I've missed a few others in the last bunch
years because I was not able to operate but this year there was nothing
spark my interest, and I didn't even get on to give points to some of my
buddies.  From what I heard, or didn't hear as the case may be, they
probably could have used the points -- assuming they could have heard



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Condx were miserable.  This is the first contest I can remember where I
S&P'd and never called CQ.  10 was useless.  15 was almost useless
- big guns were workable, little guns weren't there. 20 was too crowded
find a clear spot.  40 was 40, with too many EUs listening only below
80 was a mess - too many EUs operating  way down in band where NA was
covered in EU QRM, and our antennas don't work well below 3700, anyway.
was 160, especially on SSB.

I had more fun playing with Morserunner and practicing my CW typing on

Barry W2UP

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