[CQ-Contest] European sigs to W9

John Warren nt5c at texas.net
Mon Oct 27 12:51:39 EDT 2008

I'm somewhat surprised at the comments about poor conditions during  
CQWW/SSB. On the higher bands, sure, but what can one expect.  But I  
thought 40M was extremely good. Europe pounded in of course, but there  
were signals from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, etc.  
Even heard Zone 26 (HS0AC), but never QSX up!  And Asia/Pacific kept  
coming in until 9.30am local here. The one path missing from W5 was  
the 40M long path SW to central Asia and eastern Europe just after our  

Our local 160M gurus tell me that things were pretty good there too.

BTW, if you're copying this James - 9V1YC was a good signal into Texas  
on 40M Sunday afternoon (your dawn)  long path from the SE.

John, NT5C.

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