[CQ-Contest] NS Thursday Night "Rules"

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 3 10:59:05 EDT 2008

The NS, when run week to week and not during the "Ladder," changes its 
rules to practice for various upcoming contests and also to try new twists. 
Sometimes it seems hard to follow, but the NCCC maintains a running update 
on the NS. Here is the link, maintained by W0YK:


The Slow NS, or SNS, (23 WPM CW max speed) always is the same, to make it 
predictable and to encourage the newer or rusty CW operators to give the 
slower CW exercise a go. It starts 30 minutes prior to the NS and lasts 
only 15 minutes.

These Thursday night operating events are attracting upwards of a hundred 
different stations now. Give one, or both, a try. Join the fun. It's really 
a blast. The NS is coordinated by N6RO; the NS Ladder, when it's in effect, 
by N6ZFO; and the Slow NS by W9RE.

Jim George N3BB

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