[CQ-Contest] Multiple entries

Richard Ferch ve3iay at storm.ca
Wed Sep 3 15:46:58 EDT 2008

The original question was about the CQ WW. According to the CQ WW rules,
Part III, "For all categories":

"Only the entrant's callsign can be used to aid the entrant's score. A
different callsign must be used for each CQ WW entry."

These two sentences have a major effect on the discussion. As I understand
them, they do permit a single person to submit more than one entry in this
contest by using two call signs, but anyone who chooses to do so suffers
disadvantages compared to someone who submits only one entry, as follows:

>You gain a better visibility to callsign offering

To the contrary: If you only submit one single-band entry, there is nothing
in the rules to prohibit you from working checklog contacts on other bands,
thus gaining better visibility. On the other hand, if you submit two
single-band entries, the CQ WW rules prohibit you from using the same call
sign for both, so there is no advantage there.

>Also you gain on the knowledge of the multiplier offering.

As Franki has said, if you submit only one single-band entry, there is
nothing to stop you from SWLing or even making contacts on other bands (not
to mention reading the announcements posted by NG3K, etc.). I don't see how
someone submitting two single-band entries gains any real advantage on this

> Stretching the moral side a little:
> You have a opportunity of making skeds for the other band ...
> Even for multipliers.
> Usually people realise only the last one as a forbidden fruit.

Leaving to one side the question of whether making skeds like this is
"shady" behaviour or fully within the rules, someone using only one call
sign and submitting only one entry may perhaps be able to do this. However,
the CQ WW rules as written would make it difficult for someone who is
submitting two single-band entries to do likewise, since you cannot use
either call sign to aid the other one. You would have to make a second
contact using the other call sign in order to make a sked. So even if this
is considered acceptable, someone submitting two single-band entries would
still be at a disadvantage compared to someone submitting only one entry and
doing all of his operating with one call sign.

Rich VE3KI / VE3IAY 

PS. In the interests of full disclosure, I entered SOSB40 as VE3KI and
SOSB15 as VE3IAY in CQWWCW2007. I am certain that the total of my two scores
was lower than the single score I would have obtained on 40m if I had stuck
to "true" single-band operation on 40m for the entire duration of the

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