[CQ-Contest] Sweepstakes -Automatic Fill - 93 or 67

Eric Hilding b38 at hilding.com
Wed Apr 8 16:07:57 PDT 2009

Hans, K0HB/W7 wrote:


>I have on file a letter from "The Desk" which states that the check used 
> need only be consistent for the entire contest weekend, but need not be 
>consistent from weekend to weekend.
IMHO, this is still game playing and a violation of the Spirit of the
Rule(s).  If the ARRL is going to allow use of a Bogus CK, then THEE RULE(S)
should be changed to state Carte Blanche is permissible when it comes to
year first licensed.
The use of Prefills is like a loaded gun:
In the hands of an experienced, trained Contester, there may not be any
In the hands of an inexperienced, causal Contester or basic LIDS, too many
people can and do get hurt.
My CW SS Error Rate was 1.1% and I shudder to think how high it would have
gone had I operated from a different Section or used a different CK.
Changing from B to U different years has already caused enough problems
DURING the event ;-(
Rick, K6VVA * The Locust


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