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Sandy Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Wed Apr 8 20:01:45 PDT 2009

Hi all,

The world does not need more rules, and this rule does not need to be

There are many reasons that the check or section associated with a
particular callsign may not be stable from year to year. There are any
number of stations with a constant parade of guest operators, each with
different years of first licence. Some hosts suggest maintaining the check
the host has sent previously. Some hosts let the guests use their own
checks. All could be interpreted as correct under the rule.

Another scenario is that a club station may transfer trusteeship to another
party who didn't know that the check for K0XXX last year was based on when
the club was issued KB0XXX and sets the year the club received K0XXX as the

Is Tod, K0TO in Idaho or Minnesota? You'll have to copy the exchange each
year to find out, won't you? And isn't that the point? Are we going to FORCE
Tod to never go back and operate in Minnesota? Should we have told K1AR that
he could NOT move to NH back when he did? And I guess Randy committed a
cardinal sin by moving from Texas to Massachusetts. Boy, I guess I'll really
mess up the works the year I turn an amplifier on... Or scale back to 5w...
Or run packet...

It is for these reasons that I suggest that pickin' the pepper over forcing
stations to send their accurate check (darn it, if you don't send what my
autofill puts in, how will I ever get it right?) just isn't worth it. Copy
what was sent: there are any number of reasons why any element of an
exchange  could legitimately be different than what your crutch is telling
you. If you lean too hard on your crutch and fall over, you have only
yourself to blame.

I'm also with the guy who asked why anyone should care what the OTHER
station logs. It is what YOU log that affects your accuracy rate.

If you are committed to copying accurately, it should not matter one whit to
you if a station's check is the same this year as last.

73, Kelly

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Hans, K0HB/W7 wrote:


>I have on file a letter from "The Desk" which states that the check used 
> need only be consistent for the entire contest weekend, but need not be 
>consistent from weekend to weekend.
IMHO, this is still game playing and a violation of the Spirit of the
Rule(s).  If the ARRL is going to allow use of a Bogus CK, then THEE RULE(S)
should be changed to state Carte Blanche is permissible when it comes to
year first licensed.
The use of Prefills is like a loaded gun:
In the hands of an experienced, trained Contester, there may not be any
In the hands of an inexperienced, causal Contester or basic LIDS, too many
people can and do get hurt.
My CW SS Error Rate was 1.1% and I shudder to think how high it would have
gone had I operated from a different Section or used a different CK.
Changing from B to U different years has already caused enough problems
DURING the event ;-(
Rick, K6VVA * The Locust


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