[CQ-Contest] Log checking and deadlines

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Tue Feb 3 14:36:05 EST 2009

At 11:38 AM 2/3/2009, Tree wrote:
>I propose that the log submission date be something that gets posted along
>with the top scores.  Again, sunshine is the best disinfectant.  Also, maybe
>shorter log deadlines would help - although I hate to be punishing those
>who have legitimate reasons for submitting later.

Tree, I think you're being far too lenient.  Silly me, I have always 
expected that if I don't make the deadline I'd better have a darned good 
reason why not, before asking for an exception.  Why shouldn't the major 
contest sponsors make it clear they are going to enforce their deadlines, 
and then do so?  Are the contest sponsors afraid of being sued?  How could 
they be, when the due dates are published.

I think that would be even better than sunshine for disinfecting this 
particular septic tank.

73, Pete N4ZR 

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