[CQ-Contest] Log checking and deadlines

AD5VJ Bob rtnmi at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 4 13:22:54 EST 2009

I have not read this entire thread, so pls no one take any offense to what I am about to say, however, I dont understand why there
would be any delay in submitting logs in the times we live in.

In the procedure outlined below, I am done within mins of finishing the contest. Not like it used to be when we had to do them all
by hand using dupe sheets (ARRRGHH) and still get them to the ARRL on time.

I review the log after I am done, then if necessary make changes and resubmit, which thanks to my N1MM logging software (otherwise
it would have been many more times I am sure).

I have only had to change the file twice in the years since I have been involved in contesting after being relicensed and this as a
result of my own mistakes.

I figure if I can sit for hours at the rig and computer for a contest, I can spend another few minutes rapping it up out of respect
for the volunteers who are waiting for the files in order to compile the data from God knows how many sources.


I am at my computer with N1MM logger open and running while my rig is cooling down, when the contest finishes. 

I immediately export the cabrillo and the ADIF files from N1MM contest logger to a folder for reference later. I have contest logs,
ADIF files and rules in the folders for contests starting in 2004 when I first started using N1MM.

 I then go into the help menu, click on the link that takes me to the 3830 website, fill in the info there and click the submit
button. I always send myself a copy of the posting so I can save it in the contest folders for later reference in order to target my
score from the year before.

I go again to the help menu, click on the link for internet rules for this contest, download the pdf or bring up the site for the
contest and click on the link in order to submit the cabrillo file the email pops up automatically, I insert my call sign in the
subject field, import the cabrillo as an attachment and send the email.

Usually before I can close N1MM logger and turn the rig off I have the robots response that it has received my log.

I am done within minutes after the contest is over, close the station down and go get a cup of coffee to relax. I am not finished
with the contest until the data is submitted.

I do not use other contest logging software since I have not found it necessary, but I can not imagine how the others would not have
the same capabilities.

Hope this helps someone.

  73 fer nw es gud DX,
10X#-37210, SMIRK#-5177
FISTS#-12637, SKCC#-2369
NAQCC#-1966, FP#-1141, RARS#-149

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