[CQ-Contest] Driving at 4AM

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Tue Feb 10 17:26:55 EST 2009

I'm one of those who think your original statement was misguided, but I 
personally never accused you (either publicly or privately) of doing 
anything wrong, and I'd be willing to bet money that you didn't.  I was 
actually kind of disgusted by the emails that jumped to the 
"where-there's-smoke-there's-fire" conclusion.  I think some people just 
get off on trying to promote a mob mentality.

That being said, your argument still doesn't make sense.  CQ Magazine 
isn't forcing you to do anything.  Whatever their full reasons may be, 
they clearly have stated in the rules that submitted logs will be made 
public.  At that point you can make your choice and take your stance, 
and yours is no more moral than CQ's.  Your actions remind me of the guy 
who wants to go shirtless to a formal dinner, so he enters the room 
wearing a tux and then takes off all his clothes once he's at his 
table.  Yes, the rules may seem arbitrary and unfair to you, but you 
knew what they were long ago and you have simply chosen a rather 
grandstanding way to protest them.  That's your right, but don't be 
surprised if some people would have preferred that you kept your shirt on.

Dave   AB7E

David Kopacz wrote:
> Of course I did nothing wrong. 
> But public opinion does not make it right for CQ Magazine to publish my
> personal property without my consent. That IS the issue. It is solely a
> principle issue, nothing more nothing less. For those that think I have
> a hidden agenda, I feel sorry for you.
> I suspect if CQ asked, most would not object to opening their logs, but
> they aren't asking, they are forcing it upon people.

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