[CQ-Contest] Driving at 4AM

Tue Feb 10 18:15:05 EST 2009

> But public opinion does not make it right for CQ Magazine to publish my
> personal property without my consent. That IS the issue. It is solely a

I guess I don't understand the 'personal property' part of it.  In days of
yore when station logs were required by the fcc I always felt it was kind of
like a public record since it was required by regulation and could be
inspected without notice at any time.  

Also, your contest log is actually only half the record of your activity in
a contest, each contact someone else logs is also a record of what you have
done, is that also your property?  It is caused by something you did, just
because it was written down by someone else does that make it less yours?
When someone transcribes a speech, that doesn't make it theirs, it still
belongs to the speaker... so every 6y1v entry in a submitted log could be
claimed to be your property, they are all as much a record of your activity
as your own log, just written down by someone else.

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