[CQ-Contest] Stand-up operating position

Michael Coslo mjc5 at psu.edu
Thu Feb 12 15:42:19 EST 2009

On Feb 12, 2009, at 2:09 PM, WT2P - Cedrick (Fred) Johnson wrote:

> I know of at least one trading firm who tried that general idea. Build
> the trading terminals so that the electronic guys who normally sit for
> 6-7 hours a day stand to do their trading. It helped quite a few
> maintain focus. Perhaps you could take a hybrid approach, I know there
> are some desks out there which will allow you to transform from a
> sitting position to a standing position quite easily. The URL for the
> one in particular that I saw escapes me now and I'm not at my main
> computer with all the links.
> I was thinking of the same idea for myself (to increase focus, not for
> back issues though)

I was reading a few months ago about a researcher who did some  
experiments on low level activity and weight control. Turns out that a  
constant low level of activity can be a great way to control weight.

This guy was so impressed that he put his desk paraphernalia on a  
treadmill, and ran the treadmill very slowly - something less than a  
mile per hour - and did his work while walking in place

How this ties in is that some folks such as myself, have enough old  
injuries and their aging related stiffness and pain issues that we  
need to stand and walk around every so often. When I stand or sit for  
long periods of time, my broken ankle will swell a lot. If I walk or  
especially skate, it is normal and pain free, Same with the knees and  
lower back. Re skating, it is ironic that the sport that gave me the  
injuries is what keeps the pain and swelling away - go figure.

Just throwing this out - I know it sounds  a little goofy, and I don't  
know if your back can handle that. But you could stand, have your  
keyboard and other stuff in front of you, and get a bit of exercise at  
the same time.

I've never tried a paddle while walking, so who knows about that. 8^)

-73 de Mike N3LI -

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