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Thu Feb 12 23:39:02 EST 2009

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From: "Michael Coslo" <mjc5 at psu.edu>

> Just throwing this out - I know it sounds  a little goofy, and I don't
> know if your back can handle that. But you could stand, have your
> keyboard and other stuff in front of you, and get a bit of exercise at
> the same time.

I've heard that if you have the treadmill speed up high enough, it makes 
"running" easier.

I'm sure the next discussion will be the optimum speed in mph for "running" 

Of course, this kind of operating style will probably be seen by some as an 
unfair advantage and we'll have to create a new entry category called SO2RTM 
(looks suspiciously like a SP call).

And the RFI reflector will be full of posts on how to suppress the RFI from 
the motor drive electronics in the treadmill.



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