[CQ-Contest] [Fwd: [WriteLog] WPX Scoring Issue]

Henk Remijn PA5KT pa5kt at remijn.net
Mon Feb 16 02:17:58 EST 2009

In the wpx contest the only mults are prefixes.
A prefix is counted only once regardless of the number of times the same 
prefix is worked.

Henk PA5KT

David Pruett schreef:
> Now I'm really confused...but then again I'm a newbie to the RTTY WPX 
> contest...
> How can states be a mult if the contest exchange is a QSO number?  
> Furthermore, the published rules state the multiplier is the number of 
> prefixes worked.
> Maybe I'll just go back to CW/SSB :-(
> Dave/K8CC
> Mike McCarthy, W1NR wrote:
>> Here's W0YK's explanation. The scoring is correct. The rules had a mistake:
>> Hi, Richard.  WriteLog, and other loggers, are scoring correctly.  A
>> typo crept into the 2009 WPX RTTY rules when I was trying to converge
>> them to the CW/SSB rules where the specific rule intent was the same.
>> In the case of RTTY, a basic difference is that US states and VE areas
>> are mults just like countries are mults in Europe.  So, the low-band
>> point differential follows.

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