[CQ-Contest] Dx peditions and contests

Ulrich Ann dl2hbx at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 07:19:02 EST 2009

Also, the reason why they had to listen down was another Contest... WPX RTTY

I would not worry too much about ARRL CW. At the rate they are going, most DXers will have worked them by next weekend and the pile-ups should be moderate.

73! Uli, KK8I

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To be fair to K5D, my impression was that, this weekend, they did a lot less 40m CW than they might otherwise have done. I presumed this was a recognition by them of the potential problem you describe.

Keith GM4YXI

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This weekend I listened a while to the EU mess around K5D.
Specially on 40m there was a lot of confusion because K5D listened down on CW, resulting in a lot of frustations to innocent PACC participants who got a large pileup landing on them.

Still remember last years operation of VP6DX which made the small SSB part of 160 useless during the cq160.

I really hope K5D will stay away from cw during the ARRL DX coming weekend, having a large split frequency operation will cause a lot of troubles during a major contest like the arrl dx. It will also make large portions of the band unusable, which is a problem on 160 and 40.

Henk PA5KT

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