[CQ-Contest] Dx peditions and contests (Official k5D position)

Felipe J Hernandez fhdez at islandnetjm.com
Fri Feb 20 16:04:04 EST 2009


Interesting discussions, all with good points.

We have decided to stay outside of the contest, we will stay on SSB and RTTY during this period
and we will make every effort not to cause unnecesary interference on the RTTY portions.

SSB on 160 will also be done and we will try to stay as high in the band as possible and practical.
For more information on our operating frequencies and last minute updates please visit us at

Good luck to all in the test this weekend!

The k5D team!

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  It was a lot easier for VP6DX to ignore (and be ignored by) Europeans, than it 
  will be for K5D.

  Steve, N2IC

  Milt, N5IA wrote:
  >> I really hope K5D will stay away from cw during the ARRL DX coming
  >> weekend, having a large split frequency operation will cause a lot of
  >> troubles during a major contest like the arrl dx. It will also make
  >> large portions of the band unusable, which is a problem on 160 and 40.
  >> Henk PA5KT
  > ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  > The VP6DX team worked the ARRL DX contest while simultaneously taking 
  > callers from all areas, with great success and a detriment to no one.
  > VP6DX placed 3rd world with nearly 5.6 M points while logging ~ 4K 
  > additional CW Qs during the same period.  Nearly 10,000 Q's were logged on
  > SSB during the same contest period.
  > K5D can do the same if they so desire, to the benefit of both the DXpedition 
  > AND the contest.  It just takes desire and skill to accomplish both goals at
  > the same time.
  > Mis dos centavos.
  > Milt, N5IA, XZ0A and VP6DX 
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