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> I'm planning to have the tower and antennas moved from Bogota to the farm 
> this month so will
> hopefully be on the air as HK1AR/7 by March 1.  The farm where we 
> currently live isn't in the
> best location but  my shot to the USA is fine and Europe as well.  Have a 
> mountain close by
> in the direction of South America but last August I was able to work South 
> Americans easily
> with the low dipole so I guess they're coming in at a high angle.
> I'm still paying on the new location so can't do anything there until it's 
> paid for and the VA house
> is sold.  I do plan to use the existing house that's on site for a 
> temporary Ham Radio location.
> The distance between the two locations is only about 3 miles so an easy 
> "commute".
> The grand opening of Sandra's new dental office is going very well.  We 
> have flyers being
> distributed as well as radio commercials and already two on the air 
> interviews.  There is a
> great demand for quality dental care here due to the distance people have 
> to travel otherwise.
> I have wireless internet at the farm but the speed is very slow due to low 
> signal strength from
> the Comcel tower because the house is in a bit of a valley alongside the 
> river.  My ham
> radio tower will be on the hill above about 40' higher in elevation. 
> Bought a 40DB gain yagi
> yesterday which will arrive from Bogota next week so hopefully that will 
> solve the problem.
> The speed with good signal strength is pretty impressive -  it varies but 
> can get up to 1.8KBPS.
> The neat thing is that I can take the small modem with me anywhere in the 
> country and connect
> from the cell phone towers of Comcel which is the largest cell phone 
> provider in Colombia. Even
> when driving down the road because their coverage is virtually everywhere. 
> Amazing since this
> country is so mountainous.  Cost is only $38/monthly with unlimited 
> access.
> The value of the dollar has gone up nearly 55% since last August which 
> makes everything
> much cheaper to say the least.  My monthly rent for the apartment and the 
> farm has decreased
> by $300 monthly to only $580.  It's interesting living in another country 
> when your income
> is in dollars.  The game is to try to guess when the exchange rate will be 
> the most favorable.
> 73 and see everyone on the air soon - all bands.
> Tony Rogozinski
>  W4OI - HK1AR/7 

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