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W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Sat Feb 21 19:28:36 EST 2009

I just received the W2ENY headset. 

After trying them out I was very disappointed.

This headset is a Frisby brand FHP-100.  After doing a bit of research this
headset can be purchased online for under $10.00.  He has added the
conversion mic cables that go to various radios.  He sells them for $50.00.

The MIC in this headset is not communication quality.  The response is far
too wide for communications work.  If you wanted to get an equalizer or mess
with your mic settings you might get it to work well.  Otherwise your audio
is going to sound like mush.

The headphones are not very comfortable.  I cannot see using this headset
for long durations.

His website advertises noise cancelling and there is none for either the
headphones of the mic.

This is a headset designed for computer and web type applications.

Hopefully I will be able to send it back for a refund.  If not one of the
kids can use it on their computers.  

I also purchased two of the footswitch options.  They are made by Treadlite
and are good quality.  They come with an 1/8 inch plug on it which I will
change over to an rca.

Mike W0MU

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