[CQ-Contest] No US DX Only - ARRL DX

David Wilburn dave.wilburn at verizon.net
Sun Feb 22 23:48:03 EST 2009

I agree with you 100%.  Also seemed to be an awful lot of key clicks.

Dave Wilburn

W0MU Mike Fatchett wrote:
> I can only recall one USA station call me but it was in a pile up and I was
> working the DX first.
> I agree it would have taken little time just to work you and move on.  In
> fact, AD1C made a post about just this thing happening.
> Other than people not know what letters or numbers are in their calls I
> thought the contest went pretty smoothly.  
> If I come back to the G3 why does the  X8 come back over and over?   
> "A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may
> never get over." Ben Franklin
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> Ok, I get it, no points for working a US station in ARRL DX.
> As well as DX, I was also interested in picking up states for Triple Play,
> since lots of states get spotted in this contest.  Both the stations I tried
> to work in Washington state (big contesters) came back and said "No US DX
> Only", or statements to that effect.
> Out of hundreds of contacts both US and DX, the two stations I tried to work
> in WA were the ONLY two stations to do this.  It wouldn't be so bad, but
> they were CQ 'ing with NO ONE ANSWERING.  It took them longer to answer me
> than it would have to put me in the log.  I'm not trying to say that this is
> a Washington state thing.  Just annoying.
> Some much needed stations (by everyone) that I worked this week (like
> Hawaii, Idaho and Belarus) that were CQ'ing when I found them, I put spots
> in for.  It was nice to hear them get busy after the spots.  I would have
> done the same for the WA stations.
> The contacts they would have gotten from the spot would have more than made
> up for the 5 letters they would have had to transmit to me.  Oh wait, they
> already transmitted more than 5 letters to tell me they wouldn't work me.
> Hmmmmmm.....
> Just wanted to take a moment to send a big Thank You to the US stations that
> worked me this weekend.  Thanks for helping to nurture contesting and
> sharing the amateur spirit.  I very much appreciate the time you took to
> answer my call.
> Dave Wilburn
> NM4M
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