[CQ-Contest] No US DX Only - ARRL DX

Zack Widup w9sz.zack at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 22:09:38 EST 2009

Quite a few US ops when called by US/Canadian stations in ARRL DX will work
them just to get them to stop calling, then save the entire log but delete
all those QSO's in the log submission to ARRL. I have done this myself. I've
found it's a sure thing that if I work a US station in ARRL DX, he's going
to send for a QSL card.

I always assumed these people were just uninitiated in the contest rules.
Especially in the SSB contest on a Sunday morning when some people think
they are doing you a favor by giving you an extra QSO and don't know it
doesn't count.

73, Zack W9SZ

On 2/22/09, David Wilburn <dave.wilburn at verizon.net> wrote:
> Ok, I get it, no points for working a US station in ARRL DX.
> As well as DX, I was also interested in picking up states for Triple
> Play, since lots of states get spotted in this contest.  Both the
> stations I tried to work in Washington state (big contesters) came
> back and said "No US DX Only", or statements to that effect.
> Out of hundreds of contacts both US and DX, the two stations I tried
> to work in WA were the ONLY two stations to do this.  It wouldn't be
> so bad, but they were CQ 'ing with NO ONE ANSWERING.  It took them
> longer to answer me than it would have to put me in the log.  I'm not
> trying to say that this is a Washington state thing.  Just annoying.
> Some much needed stations (by everyone) that I worked this week (like
> Hawaii, Idaho and Belarus) that were CQ'ing when I found them, I put
> spots in for.  It was nice to hear them get busy after the spots.  I
> would have done the same for the WA stations.
> The contacts they would have gotten from the spot would have more than
> made up for the 5 letters they would have had to transmit to me.  Oh
> wait, they already transmitted more than 5 letters to tell me they
> wouldn't work me.  Hmmmmmm.....
> Just wanted to take a moment to send a big Thank You to the US
> stations that worked me this weekend.  Thanks for helping to nurture
> contesting and sharing the amateur spirit.  I very much appreciate the
> time you took to answer my call.
> Dave Wilburn
> NM4M
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