[CQ-Contest] K5D in ARRL CW = it WAS them (real)

Felipe J Hernandez fhdez at islandnetjm.com
Mon Feb 23 16:39:06 EST 2009


a desicion was made to work a bit of 10 mtrs during arrl dx just to log some qsos on the band... (it has been completely closed down here)
and on those contest exchanges happened..as far as the very limited operation on cw , there where a few qsos on 40 high in the band and some on 160.. none of those where contest qsos, they were aimed at previous commitments of showing 
on those bands at those hours. some stations on the contest called and the only exchange given was 599.

This is as far as my knowledge..


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  Neither of the sites I know of -


  give you a day. They just give a band/mode. It looks like you have two QSO's
  on 40 CW in the log.

  Did they give you a contest exchange (i.e. power)? I know they showed up on
  7023 about an hour after the contest was over. I didn't hear them near the
  end of the contest. I was S&P on 40 for the last hour of the contest.

  73, Zack W9SZ

  On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 12:02 PM, <kr2q at optimum.net> wrote:

  > Someone pointed me to their web page where you can do a log lookup.
  > I am in the log on the right day, band, etc., so it must have been them.
  > Almost thought that I had lost a mult.  Whew!  :-)
  > de Doug KR2Q
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