[CQ-Contest] Call Area Question for Awards

David Levine david at levinecentral.com
Tue Feb 24 11:08:50 PST 2009

As every topic that comes up here, I'm sure this has been previously
discussed, but it seems near impossible to search the archives. I'm a newer
contester that is just getting started, so go easy on me. 


I participated in the recent CQ WPX RTTY Contest as a SOAB LP entry. I did
fine (100w and a G5RV) with 525 Qs and 349k points. Now I know that the 3830
claimed scores aren't official but a good indication of the major
participants and what they did. When I look at the most recent compilation
of scores for the CQ WPX RTTY at
http://lists.contesting.com/pipermail/3830/2009-February/169847.html I see
there are a couple "2" calls above mine in the category I entered. When I
look at their locations, their addresses on qrz.com indicate they are not
physically located in the 2 call area. 


So my question is how does the contest determine call area for awards? Does
it use the submitted call or does it use the physical location associated
with the call sign? Should those operators have signed their call sign
x2xx/3 or the appropriate call area they were located in to accurately
represent their true call area? I know when I operated in my first contest I
was on vacation and signed K2DSL/4. Or does the process of determining who
is on top in each call area for awards handled a different way?


I looked at the rules at http://www.cqwpxrtty.com/rules.htm and in the
prefix section it talks about operators that must sign with their true call
area.  The rules seems to indicate that it is relevant for operation outside
your DXCC. So a KH6 operating in NJ would be KH6xx/W2 but a K2xxx operating
in the 3 call area doesn't need to be K2xxx/3 ? It would make sense to me
since there is a distinction for multipliers and awards based on prefix.

Based on previous questions I've asked, I'm sure I will receive a large
number of replies, many off the list and just to me, so thanks in advance to
everyone that does reply. I know that the CQ contest director is also on
this list so maybe W0YK can jump in with how things might be officially

David - K2DSL

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