[CQ-Contest] Paddle covers (follow-up)

Barry w2up3 at verizon.net
Fri Feb 27 07:57:07 PST 2009

Several weeks ago I asked if anyone had a source of dust covers for 
paddles.  None of the replies were what I wanted, so I did some Google 
searching and came up with 
http://www.displaycaseart.com/acrylicboxes.html in Ohio.

I ordered a clear (1/8 inch wall) acrylic box 5x5x2.5 inches to cover my 
N3ZN key, to keep dust off when not in use.  I did not inquire about 
cutting any holes in it for cables or so the paddles stick out one end, 
so it could be used with the cover in place.  It was about $10 + 
shipping and took about 10 days to receive after the order was placed.  
If you do order from them, be sure to specify whether dimensions are 
inside or outside.

Hope this helps...
Barry W2UP
P.S. No affiliation with the company, just a satisfied customer.


Barry Kutner, W2UP             Newtown, PA   

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