[CQ-Contest] TR4W - ready for prime time?

N7mal n7mal at citlink.net
Sat Feb 28 15:48:14 PST 2009

Be very careful using 'autohotkey'. It works very well and does what it says 
it will do. I use it during every CW contest with N1MM. I use it to program 
F12 to keyboard sending CW rather than the 'klunky' system N1MM uses. It 
works perfectly every time. All that being said there is a but, and it's a 
big 'BUT', it does not play well with some other resident TSRs. If you rely 
on another TSR test it before you start using autohotkey because your other 
TSR may quit working. I learned the hard way and had to reinstall my other 
resident TSR after every time I use autohotkey.
Good Luck

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Eric Hilding wrote:

> Another nifty recent tweak Dmitriy did just in time for my VP2VVA trip:
> Until I get my X-Keys remounted on my Ergonomic keyboard, having to move 
> or
> jerk my hand to the right to press the ENTER key is very UNcool.  Now, we
> can program <03>ENTER<04> into any of the F Keys ... so all you have to do
> is extend a finger upward to also get ENTER functionality.  I used F11 but
> will probably swap that with F10 and use F11 for the triggering the SEND 
> CW
> dialog window to open.

Dmitri didn't need to do this. AutoHotKey (www.autohotkey.com) is a great 
of free software that can map any key, and works great with all Windows
contesting software.

Steve, N2IC

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