[CQ-Contest] TR4W - ready for prime time?

Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 08:23:39 PST 2009

Eric Hilding wrote:

> Another nifty recent tweak Dmitriy did just in time for my VP2VVA trip:
> Until I get my X-Keys remounted on my Ergonomic keyboard, having to move or
> jerk my hand to the right to press the ENTER key is very UNcool.  Now, we
> can program <03>ENTER<04> into any of the F Keys ... so all you have to do
> is extend a finger upward to also get ENTER functionality.  I used F11 but
> will probably swap that with F10 and use F11 for the triggering the SEND CW
> dialog window to open.

Dmitri didn't need to do this. AutoHotKey (www.autohotkey.com) is a great piece 
of free software that can map any key, and works great with all Windows 
contesting software.

Steve, N2IC

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