[CQ-Contest] PJ2T ARRL CW Photos and Data

Geoff Howard ghoward at kent.edu
Sat Feb 28 04:17:55 PST 2009


ARRL CW is all over but the shouting. The shouting comes next weekend 
in the SSB version.

You might be interested to see the log hour-by-hour breakdown as well 
as some photos. See:


and click on the appropriate links. The "Photo Album - Contest" link 
takes you to a collection of pictures, each with a caption at the 
bottom. You'll see that we sound better on the air than we look in 
the photos. I can't believe how old I'm getting....   :(

Thanks for the Qs. Right now it looks like we have the high claimed 
score in M/2, and that more Qs were made from the shack you'll see in 
the photos than from any other anywhere in the contest. That seems to 
make it worth all of the hard work we do to keep this station on the air.

PJ2T is an open station and we're always looking to make new friends 
in future operations. See www.pj2t.org and/or drop me an E-mail if 
you'd like to come down to operate a contest or just hang out.

See you in ARRL SSB when Bob Allphin, K4UEE, will be here with his 
team of ops from SEDXA.


                - Geoff, W0CG, PJ2DX

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