[CQ-Contest] Contesting Compendium - help needed

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Wed Jul 1 04:01:01 PDT 2009

Are you running an older Icom or Yaesu radio?  On of the most popular 
pages in the Contesting Compendium is 
http://wiki.contesting.com/index.php/Category:Older_radios , but 
right now the only radios that are discussed there are Kenwoods. Get 
your two cents in, and tell people why you love your IC-765 or 
FT-1000D.  and while you're there, take a look at the Table of 
Contents <http://wiki.contesting.com/index.php/Table_of_Contents> and 
see what other topics you "wrote the book on", and contribute your 
expertise to the contesting community.

We're also looking for "talent scouts", to help us find the best 
contesting knowledge wherever it is.  Did you archive e-mails from 
this reflector, or towertalk, or RFI, that you think are really, 
really good stuff?  Why not send them along to me?  See an great 
article on a web page?  Remember a good one from NCJ? Tell me about 
it and I'll get the author's permission to make it available on the Compendium.

Enough rhetorical questions.  The success or failure of the 
Contesting Compendium is up to you.

73, Pete N4ZR
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