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Joe nss at mwt.net
Wed Jul 1 08:45:26 PDT 2009

How about Old Tube Rigs,

After participating in Field Day this past weekend,  I dearly miss my 
old Drake TR-4.  No bells and whistles,  no special filters  etc.

But as an example, when I had it three stations could be on 40 at once 
and that old Drake would care less.

The 40 cw station and the "Novice"  (now GOTA)  as well as a 40 SSB 
station all could be on at once and never even know it.

This past weekend  every station I visited all suffered from front end 

the cw station could hear tyhe desencs from the ssb station on the same 
band,  and the ssb station sounded all the time like a backwards 2 
merter aurora qso was happening.

It was horrid and shameful that a  vintage 60's rig could out perform 
rigs that cost ten times as much that are modern,

Tis Sad,, truly sad


Pete Smith wrote:

>Are you running an older Icom or Yaesu radio?  On of the most popular 
>pages in the Contesting Compendium is 
>http://wiki.contesting.com/index.php/Category:Older_radios , but 
>right now the only radios that are discussed there are Kenwoods. Get 
>your two cents in, and tell people why you love your IC-765 or 
>FT-1000D.  and while you're there, take a look at the Table of 
>Contents <http://wiki.contesting.com/index.php/Table_of_Contents> and 
>see what other topics you "wrote the book on", and contribute your 
>expertise to the contesting community.
>We're also looking for "talent scouts", to help us find the best 
>contesting knowledge wherever it is.  Did you archive e-mails from 
>this reflector, or towertalk, or RFI, that you think are really, 
>really good stuff?  Why not send them along to me?  See an great 
>article on a web page?  Remember a good one from NCJ? Tell me about 
>it and I'll get the author's permission to make it available on the Compendium.
>Enough rhetorical questions.  The success or failure of the 
>Contesting Compendium is up to you.
>73, Pete N4ZR
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