[CQ-Contest] Five DQ's Mark 2008 CQ WW SSB

k3bu at optimum.net k3bu at optimum.net
Mon Jul 27 13:45:48 PDT 2009

And then there are those who do not bother logging "zeroes" that might need them for multipliers.I had record attempting, unusual record breaking entry in CQ WW CW in 40m non-assisted, single OP, no skimmer, QRP, over -50The attempt was to obtain 0 point score by working my own country, trying to supply fortunate ones with multiplier, while being 100% accurate, no errors, kinda entry for the record books that can not be beaten (negative scores apparently do not apply or are not recognized)Well.... 0 points was achieved, but 100% accuracy was botched by N0NI, who appears to be Multi- Single and did not bother logging this "zero".************************* Not In Log ************************* 7019 CW 2008-11-29 2209 N2EE             5 N0NI             4Why this test? In the past I had cases when I was not in log of potential multiplier, and mostly in M-S category, who appears to drop me because being insignificant QSO/points but inconvenient to disturb the "hole" in logging off times.This is a proof of this happening, especially when one is QRP, fights hard for points only to be dropped by the "champs".Is it so hard to log even "zeros"? With logging programs it takes the same effort to log one as it is to delete one.Another reason to finally end the silly, useless ) points for own country!!!73  Yuri, K3BUwww.MVresort.comhome of future DXContestvention> > The responses from those who were DQ'd offer interesting insight > into their attitudes toward cheating.  These folks admit > intentionally and blatantly violating an important contest rule, > thereby attempting to gain an unfair advantage over more honest > competitors, and yet they feel disqualification was an "over-> reaction".  That would be like me robbing a bank and expecting > my penalty if I got caught to be merely having to return the > money.  And these are people from the upper echelon of the sport!> > Dave   AB7E> 

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