[CQ-Contest] 2008 CQWW 6W1RY

Albert Crespo f5vhj at orange.fr
Mon Jul 27 14:05:42 PDT 2009

I received a penalty for not being in the D4C log on 20 meters. I made the mistake of not recording the entire 
contest. I thought I had worked this station but I just shrugged it off that I was not logged. Now I read that D4C 
was DQ. My log reflects I was running stations on 14102 KHz and I was called by D4C, but yet his log reflects he was 
running on 15 meters at the time. His multiplier station is on 20 near the time D4C shows up in my log. I would not 
be surprised my QS0 was actually deleted by these jokers after the contest because of a ten minute rule violation. I 
got a penalty and lost a multiplier.
Thank you D4C for wasting my time and lowering my score.
I do not understand how I can be penalized and lose points by working a station that has been found to be 
The Committee should have just deleted D4C from all logs. 
Everybody suffers from a few rotten apples.

73, Albert

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