[CQ-Contest] what procedure to do for M/S violations

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Tue Jul 28 03:58:54 PDT 2009

9A1UN wrote: 
There is probably some misunderstanding. One part is missing on

On 6400 qsos we had 12qsos under violation 

What procedure should we do if during a 48h contest we make some mistakes
In waiting 10min? 
73 Dave 9A1UN

This is fair and honest question.

1.  You submit the log as is, without altering the times (rubber clock) in order to meet
the criteria under the M/S 10 minute rules.  [ do not change the log in any way]

2.  You will be penalized for the "out of compliance" qso's, and probably not DQ'ed and 
probably not reclassified.

3.  By simply submitting the log "as is," you will not cause NILS for others.

de KR2Q

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