[CQ-Contest] Self spotting rationale

Wed Jul 29 16:44:05 PDT 2009

The reason for no self spotting is that the network is connected via the
internet which is a non-amateur means of communications and most contests
have long banned using non-amateur means to arrange contacts during the
contest.  So its similar to not being allowed to call up your friends on the
phone to arrange qso's.

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> This isn't a rhetorical question.
> How / why was the "no self spotting" rule created in the first place? Was
> it a knee-jerk reaction to the introduction of new technology at the time
> spotting networks began to flourish? What actual purpose does this rule
> serve? Whatever that purpose, is it outdated by technology?
> The use of the spotting networks automatically classifies a participant as
> "assisted" in the first place. To the non-assisted participants, why would
> they care whether stations were self-spotting or not? When I operate in
> the non-assisted category I don't care what is going on with the spotting
> network.
> To the participants in the "assisted" category, why not let them spot
> their brains out? Other than saturating the spotting network I don't see a
> down-side to this. If an assisted station spotted themselves once every X
> minutes, many things would "fall into place."
> First, there would be fewer busted calls being spotted. Second, assisted
> operators would know which bands were being used by the self spotter (are
> they operating 10 meters right now or not?). Third, self spotting timers
> could evolve in contest software to spot on a predetermined schedule.
> Fourth, David's spotting reports would not be necessary to see who was
> breaking the rules. Fifth, I wouldn't have to worry whether my call would
> appear on a report as "helping my team mates in our contest club" when I
> spot the members. (I have basically quit spotting anyone compared to the
> early days of the spotting network.)
> I can only imagine if Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart were not allowed to
> advertise their stores were open for business and what times you would
> find them open. I think the "no self spotting" rule is absurd.
> 73 de Bob - KØRC in MN
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