[CQ-Contest] Self spotting rationale

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Thu Jul 30 00:33:38 PDT 2009

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> The reason for no self spotting is that the network is
> connected via the internet which is a non-amateur means
> of communications

Was the spotting network always connected via the internet?

> So its similar to not being allowed to call up your
> friends on the phone to arrange qso's.

That's not the full story.  Having others supply you
with spots by telephone is prohibited, whereas having
others supply you with spots by internet is permitted.

Why is there a difference?  Neither one is an amateur
means of communication?

Self-spotting on the internet is the equivalent of
calling CQ on air.  It doesn't make sense to promote
new technology (the internet) for spotting and then
gripe when it's used to its fullest extent.

It seems to me that, for contesting purposes, any use
of non-amateur means of communication with the potential
to increase scores (subject to the property/500-metre
rule, of course), is inappropriate - if not absurd.

Paul EI5DI

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