[CQ-Contest] No Self Spotting - history

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Thu Jul 30 03:13:01 PDT 2009

Personal opinion follows:

As I recall, the "no self spotting" rule was established because it was deemed to be another
method of simply calling CQ.

As others have pointed out, you (emphasis on YOU, the entrant) can't soliciate QSO's that
way (today, it's non-amateur means).

As others have pointed out, it is a way to avoid "wrong call spotted" disease.

And as others have pointed out, it could clog the system (which, back then, was VHF &
UHF packet).  Don't lose sight of WHEN the rule was implemented.  Spotting via internet
has not been around since spark.

It is "FREE" advertising and wrong, which is why ASKING to be spotted (in CQWW) is not
allowed either.

Do you think that there would be a difference in my rate if I were to CQ on 21430 hoping
to be heard (remember, I'm QRP) versus being allowed to spot myself?  Do you think more
guys would "copy" my call correctly if I spotted myself compared to simply calling CQ?

If I want to test the waters on 10 meters (whether I'm qrp or a big M/M), wouldn't it be far
more "efficient" for me to simply spot myself?  That is not the basis of contesting.  If you
can be "loud" and gather a crowd and some of them happen to spot you, fine.  But initiating
it yourself?  Totally different.

This is also why I frown upon "cheerleading."  It is serrogate self-spotting (but not spelled
out in the rules....yet?)

de Doug KR2Q

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