[CQ-Contest] Why the 10 min rule anyway?

k3bu at optimum.net k3bu at optimum.net
Thu Jul 30 04:47:54 PDT 2009

> Excuse my ignorance, and, not condoning the recent DQ's.  > > But, what is the idea behind the 10 min rule for M/S, anyway?  > It's  still > a single transmitter, just multiple operators.  What makes this > any  > different than a S/O making band changes?> > Just wondering.  Seems to me like a really silly rule...that's > why I  need > a decent explanation of why.> > 73- Chuck KI9ABacause days of "single transmitter" are gone, it is "many transceivers" aka transmitters and clever schemes to sequence them or work at the same time on different bands - instant band changes allowing multiple operators to be on at the same time.To facilitate having small MM with two "transmitters" the M2 category was implemented to allow baby multis to have fun and compete.Yuri, K3BUBBQ this Saturday at www.MVmanor.com

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