[CQ-Contest] WAEDC CW: only for Extra class USA

VE2TZT ve2tzt at arrl.net
Thu Jul 30 08:31:20 PDT 2009

> If enough people are really dissatisfied with the rules and don't operate,
> maybe declining log numers will give a clue to the contest sponsors. Maybe
> not.
> 73, Zack W9SZ

An other way to show one's disapprobation without giving the victory to the 
''no-code digital mode dunderheads'' is to run the contest without 
respecting this rule, having the fun of the contest, sending one's score on 
3830 to have an idea of one's position and just send a checklog with a 
little comment to the sponsor.

I do not think that one can be DQed with a checklog...

Gilles VE2TZT

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