[CQ-Contest] Putting the spoon into the pot: WPX - who is onfirst?

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If you win, you won.

If you didn't win, you shouldn't get left-over plaques from those who 
"already got another one".

73, de Hans, K0HB/W7

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> This is not an issue specific to the WPX Contest.  I believe all CQ 
> Contests
> (WW, RTTY, WPX, 160) follow this convention of only awarding one plaque 
> per
> entry.
> The goal of the plaque program is to motivate and provide recognition.
> There are 3 "levels" of plaques (World, Continent, Country).  If an entry
> was allowed to win multiple plaques, then one great effort from an
> advantaged location could take all 3 levels and leave other strong efforts
> unrecognized.  Perhaps all the plaques should not say "Winner", but again,
> that's they way it has been done historically.  The policy has been to
> always award an entry with the highest level plaque they were eligible 
> for.
> I am interested in hearing from the contest community if this policy 
> should
> be changed (specifically for the WPX Contest).
> What we have done for WPX in 2009 is change the definition of the North
> America plaques so that they only apply to stations outside the USA and
> Canada.  This accomplishes two desirable results: 1) it encourages 
> activity
> from North American stations outside USA/Canada, and 2) the winner of the
> USA or Canada for a category will always be the winner of the country
> plaque.
> The list of plaques currently sponsored for the upcoming WPX contests can 
> be
> seen at http://www.cqwpx.com/plaques.htm.  (We are still looking for a few
> more sponsors.)
> To follow the example of my friend Jim White (K4OJ - SK), it is only 27 
> more
> days until the CQ WPX Phone Contest!
> Randy Thompson, K5ZD
> Director - CQ WPX Contest
> email: k5zd at cqwpx.com
> web: www.cqwpx.com
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>> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Putting the spoon into the pot: WPX -
>> who is on first?
>> Just got my March 2009 CQ mag with the cw WPX results.
>> YIPPIE!!  I won a trophy!!
>> BUT WAIT A MINUTE.....what's this I see?
>> TI5N wins for the world (congrats) and get the WORLD trophy.
>> I win for USA, but since TI5N got the WORLD trophy and now
>> I'm 2nd place in N.A., I get the NA trophy.  But I didn't win
>> NA, I won USA.  So why would I get the NA trophy?
>> And ELSE do I see?  Because I got the N.A. trophy, N7IR, who
>> is 2nd place USA, (an amazing feat from AZ) wins the USA trophy.
>> HUH??????
>> This made no sense to me 30 years ago in CQWW when W1WY
>> thought that it would be equitable to not only do this sort
>> of thing, but make the previous year's winner ineligible to
>> win the trophy again.  So what happened?  Station "A" won in
>> year 19xx.  In year 19xx+1, they won again, but could bit win
>> the trophy, so station "B" got the trophy....and the trophy
>> was engraved with the word WINNER.  But it gets better.  In
>> year 19xx+2, Station A again won, Station B again came in
>> 2nd, but since they were both "ineligible," Station C got the
>> trophy, which again was engrave with WINNER.  This nonsense
>> was stopped long ago.  The winner is the winner, period.
>> So what would I do in this case?  TI5N wins the world AND
>> wins N.A.  He should get TWO trophies.  This concept of
>> "being fair" works well in kindergarten and first grade...not
>> contesting.
>> OK...taking a step back and now handing the spoon off.
>> de Doug KR2Q
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