[CQ-Contest] eQSL vs. LoTW 2009 Data Point: Award levels

jpescatore at aol.com jpescatore at aol.com
Thu Mar 5 03:10:31 PST 2009

I got back on the air on January 1 2009 and have made and dumped about 1,600 QSOs into both eQSL and LoTW.
If I look at my potential award levels just on those QSO's here's what I see:

eQSL: 41 states, 41 countries confirmed

LoTW: 46 states, 62 countries confirmed

My logbook software says 128 countries and 48 states (anyone live in ID or MT anymore?)  worked since Jan 1. 

I was surprised to see the much higher DX count on LoTW - I thought the complexity of getting started and 

the ARRLness of it would hamper DX use compared to eQSL but does not seem to be the case.


73 John K3TN

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