[CQ-Contest] Single band operation.

Dick Dievendorff dieven at comcast.net
Tue Mar 10 13:07:47 PDT 2009

My understanding is that you can submit your log in a single band category
and make QSOs on other bands as well. The contest organizer would want your
entire log so that he can verify contacts from other stations.  QSOs on
other than your chosen single-band entry are treated similarly to a check

For the other participants, it's more stations to work.  That's a good

Dick, K6KR

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I sometimes wish to enter a major contest such as the CQ or ARRL tests
single band.   The choice might be 160 M while at other times I would pick
20 M or 15 M.   Often my choice is such that it is not necessary to operate
for the whole forty-eight hours which my 65 year body increasingly dislikes.
It would be nice to be able to dip into 160M when choosing to operate single
band on 15 M or 10 M or vice versa.   Can this be done and still maintain a
single band entry?   If so how is it done?   Other than administration
difficulties I can not see why this should be discouraged.   Thanking you in
advance for any info.

                               73 Doug EI2CN 

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