[CQ-Contest] Russian DX Contest Log Checking

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I understand your point and Randy's.  I think what he is trying to say that
if one is not going make great effort to get the information correct then
don't submit a log as  the lack of effort will damage true competitors

All one needs to do is looks at UBN reports for an SS contest or any for
that matter to see that there are a bunch of people that just don't listen
or are not very competent.  I have not operated SS from Montana since 2004
with my call and 20 or more people had my section as MT when I was in

If part of the exchange is not to send what was sent then don't penalize
people for someone else's mistakes.  How could I possibly know what was
copied on the other side?

Their contest their rules but this rule doesn't seem to encourage
participation IMHO.

I don't normally get on for this but this rule would certainly point me to
other endeavors for that 24 hour period.

"A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may
never get over." Ben Franklin
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"If you are not serious in the contest -- please don't send in your log.
This will just cause lost points for the other stations.

Randy, K5ZD"

I've not often disagreed with Randy, but here's one of the rare instances.

I realize it's frustrating to be penalized, but asking "non serious"
contesters not to send their logs simply so we don't incur penalties is just
wrong. Instead, encouraging people to "do better" or try harder" is a better
approach. Heck, perhaps some of us need to slow down a bit on CW!

I realize your next statement encompasses touches on this a bit, but you
have to realize people are just going to make mistakes and some more than
others and for a wide variety of reasons, such as, can't hear well, can't
copy well, dyslexia, can't type well, etc., etc.


David ~ KY1V

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