[CQ-Contest] Russian DX Contest Log Checking

Mark Beckwith n5ot at n5ot.com
Tue Mar 10 19:10:34 PDT 2009

I got emailed privately by two ops who said "it ain't a contest QSO unless 
both sides log it correctly."  I didn't see their posts here on the 
reflector.  I don't agree with those two ops.

I suppose there is a case for that, "accuracy is a two way street" and all 
that, but life is too short to get penalized for something you didn't do and 
were not aware of, when the concurrent emphasis is on amassing the biggest 
score.  I would say the jury is in: a large majority of radio contests don't 
do what the Russian DX Contest does.  The only other one I can think of off 
the top of my head is the hugely popular KCJ contest.  Most sponsors have 
figured out that it discourages participation.

Blind Fencing, anyone?

Mark, N5OT

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> The Russian DX Contest (www.rdxc.org) is one of my favorite contests. 

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