[CQ-Contest] Russian DX Contest Log Checking

Denis Pochuev - K7GK k7gk at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 10 16:23:04 PDT 2009

> > > Unless you are somehow more likely to attract the flakes on the air 
> > > than the stations you are competing against, it doesn't put you at a 
> > > disadvantage.
> > 
> > Not so. An unfortunate (?) side-effect of these rules is that the stations far from the main center of activity for this contest (read Europe) are at a further disadvantage. Whose log will get more "other station busts", WX1XXX's who is loud or KX7XXX's who is lucky to get through at all?
> ... but I can't see 
> how the differences in log checking would penalize someone working weak
> signals in, say, Arizona, versus someone working weak signals in 
> Massachusetts.
> -- 
> Kenneth E. Harker WM5R


My argument is not about working weak signals, we all try our best. It's about the error rates of others when working loud or weak stations. A loud MA station's call/exchange will be busted less frequently than a weak WA station's in Europe. If we assume that both operators are equally good on RX, MA station's error rate will be lower than WA station's in RDXC. In any other major contest their error rates would be the same. And this is true not just in the US. In Asia, for instance, JA/9V/VU stations are likely to suffer higher error rates compared to 5B/UP/4L according to RDXC rules through no fault of their own. Granted, this is a minor disadvantage compared to the usual benefits of a good QTH, but for some it could be that last straw.


I vote. No RDXC until sunspots return.


73, Denis - K7GK

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