[CQ-Contest] Single band operation.

Kenneth E. Harker kenharker at kenharker.com
Wed Mar 11 10:53:50 PDT 2009

     As many have pointed out, most contest sponsors are OK with a single-band
entry making QSOs on other bands.  

     One behavior that I think would not be acceptable would be to get on a 
different band and try to get stations to change bands and work you on the 
band you are competing on.  For example, this past weekend in the ARRL 
International DX Contest, I was SOSB/15, and there were many hours when I 
made fewer than 10 QSOs.  I could have put a radio on 20 meters, called CQ or 
otherwise found stations/mults not in my 15 meter log, and asked them to 
QSY to 21340 (or wherever my 15 meter run frequency happened to be).  I 
think that would be completely unacceptable.

     In fact, I never operate on other bands when I'm doing an SOSB effort -
I don't want others to think that my presence on the other bands would 
somehow help my QSO total on the band I'm competing on.

Kenneth E. Harker WM5R
kenharker at kenharker.com

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