[CQ-Contest] Russian DX Contest Log Checking

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That's precisely why most judges in serial number contests allow S/N +/- 1. You cannot tell who is wrong, so blame neither.

This is a much cleaner and more satisfactory solution to this common problem.

73 de Bob, K6XX

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This topic had been beaten to death in Russian contest reflector some time 
ago. Here is counter argument from that discussion:
N1UR calls CQ
UA9CDC calls N1UR and gives him 599 244
UA9CDC logs QSO but the sent number in his log is 245. The reason for that 
can be anything. The op is operating with this software for the first time 
and takes serial number from the wrong place on the screen. Or UA9CDC was 
multy op station and  the software used changed the number after 244 was 
sent. So it ended up as 245 in UA9CDC log.
Now how adjudicators have to decide who has to be penalized?

73, Igor UA9CDC 

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