[CQ-Contest] Russian DX Contest Log Checking

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 08:25:00 PDT 2009

Yes Bob, there can be such an approach. But based on the fact that it is a 
contest in accuracy of delivering information from A to B would it not be 
more logical to blame both? Thre are two parties in the QSO. It is somthing 
like a small temporary team. If the team fails to exchange information the 
entire team should be penalised. Isn't it fare?
On the other hand if you allow SN +/- 1 then why not go a step further and 
allow call sign +/- one letter?

73, Igor UA9CDC

> That's precisely why most judges in serial number contests allow S/N +/- 
> 1. You cannot tell who is wrong, so blame neither.
> This is a much cleaner and more satisfactory solution to this common 
> problem.
> 73 de Bob, K6XX
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> This topic had been beaten to death in Russian contest reflector some time
> ago. Here is counter argument from that discussion:
> N1UR calls CQ
> UA9CDC calls N1UR and gives him 599 244
> UA9CDC logs QSO but the sent number in his log is 245. The reason for that
> can be anything. The op is operating with this software for the first time
> and takes serial number from the wrong place on the screen. Or UA9CDC was
> multy op station and  the software used changed the number after 244 was
> sent. So it ended up as 245 in UA9CDC log.
> Now how adjudicators have to decide who has to be penalized?
> 73, Igor UA9CDC
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