[CQ-Contest] arrl dx ssb spotting report

KI9A at aol.com KI9A at aol.com
Sat Mar 14 10:22:33 PDT 2009

Wow, Ed, do you really think one guy ( or heck, even a bunch of guys)  
cheerleading, would result in a win?  Spotting can be effective, but, for a  loud 
contest station, that really isn't a rare mult, I seriously doubt if  
cheerleading has ANY impact, other than a small pileup when a station moves to a  new 
band, and is spotted..
But, you think it is un-ethical to spot a friend? 
73- Chuck KI9A
In a message dated 3/14/2009 11:59:33 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
sawyered at earthlink.net writes:

N4ZR  said:

"In the last case, a whopping 
Multi-two score, a majority of  the alleged self-spots were actually 
cheerleading by a relative of one of  the ops."

I hope your not implying that this makes it okay.  An  ethical multi-op
team would have changed their log to a "check log" for  that year and
chalked it up as a lesson learned.

Ed   N1UR

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