[CQ-Contest] WPX FAQ - Single op off times

WW3S ww3s at zoominternet.net
Mon Mar 16 13:26:02 PDT 2009

So Milt, I think you are saying you cannot take off time before you start 
operating. So if the contest starts at 0000Z and I don't start operating 
until 0300Z, those 3 hours are not OFF time but LOST time? Is that how the 
contest managers view it?

On 3/16/2009 3:13:58 PM, Milt, N5IA (n5ia at zia-connection.com) wrote:
> Terry,
> I don't see anything in Randy's comment that has anything to do with the
> subject at hand.  He is talking about a different aspect of taking shorter
> "OFF" times during the contest and then just making up the difference at
> the
> end by not claiming time you DID operate but in the end was slow and you
> want to lop it off.
> Your original question revolves around the actual STARTING time for you in
> a
> contest and the actual ENDING time for you in a contest, IF you allocated
> time for operating is totally used WITHOUT operating at the beginning and
> end of the contest.
> OFF time denotes exactly that; that you are OFF; that your portion of the
> contest is still running and that you will RETURN to OPERATING.  It has
> nothing to do with your personal STARTING and ENDING times in the contest.
> If you have not started the contest, then whatever time has elapsed is
> time, nothing else.  The contest has not yet started for YOU!  Whether
> it is
> 10 minutes, 59 minutes or 5 hours that has elapsed from the offical
> starting
> time of the contest until YOU make your first contact, that is LOST time 

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