[CQ-Contest] WPX rules from the past

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Mon Mar 16 16:46:38 PDT 2009

Not to be too picky, but....

Before BJQ, weren't the rules:

1.  maximum of 30 hours of operations
2.  minimum of 30 minutes per off time


If you start the contest (today) 11.5 hours after the start of the contest and you operated
for the next 36 hours straight, that would be a total elapsed time of 47.5 hours.  I dare say
that nobody would be "penalized" for having 30 minutes (which is less than 60 minutes) of 
"off time" at the end, because you have used up your allotted 36 hours of operating time
and clearly 11.5 hours (at the front end) is > 60 minutes.  All requirements are met.

As for starting the contest at 0059z, why would anyone do that?  Just wait the extra 
minute and claim the hour of off time.  

There is nothing in the RULES I see about off time having to be sandwiched "between" QSOs.

II. Period of Operation: 48 hours. Single Operator stations may operate 36 of the 48 hours – 
off times must be a minimum of 60 minutes. Multi-Operator stations may operate the full 48 hours.
[end snip]

We all know why it says "60 minutes minimum" - that is for guys who operate "too much" and try to 
capture the required off time by adding up the "empty minutes."  I suppose that lots of guys would
be willing to sit at the rig during a 30 minute off time, while very few would be motivated to do
that during an enforced 60 minute off time.

...ask Randy!  It will either show up in a revised FAQ or in his BLOG


de Doug KR2Q

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